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Earn BIG Points to redeem flights and member's only rewards!

You've Earned It

Redeem exclusive rewards with your accumulated BIG Points.

Experience your BIG Membership easier, faster and better than before.

Join now to earn AirAsia BIG Points with our participating partners and every AirAsia flight you take. Redeem flights with your AirAsia BIG Points to over 100 destinations in AirAsia's network. It’s so easy. Just earn, redeem and fly!

*Currently only available for participating outlets in Changkat, Bukit Bintang--namely The Rum Bar KL, Opium KL, Dining in the Dark, El Cerdo, The Steakhouse and The Whisky Bar.


Redeem your AirAsia BIG Points online for FREE flights and hotel stays.

BIG tip: You can also use your AirAsia BIG Points to redeem for your seats, meals, insurance and baggage during your flight redemption.

A BIG member like you should not have to worry about insufficient AirAsia BIG Points too! With a minimum of 500 AirAsia BIG Points, our AirAsia BIG Points + Cash Redemption option allows for cash top-ups when you are just a few points short of a BIG redemption.

Not enough AirAsia BIG Points to redeem? With a minimum of 500 AirAsia BIG Points, you can opt for our AirAsia BIG Points+ Cash redemption for cash top-ups whenever you’re short of AirAsia BIG Points.

To establish your cash-point ratio, adjust the slider on the payment page of ‘Review & Redeem’ to determine the cash-AirAsia BIG Points ratio of your choice.


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